Duplicate email to CC users


My RT version is 4.4.1. When a user sends an email to itsupport@domain.com with users in the CC field, CC users are receiving two emails, one from the requester and other from RT. I have configured $RTAddressRegexp to avoid sending duplicate email to itsupport@domain.com. How to avoid duplicate email to users in cc?

Set($ParseNewMessageForTicketCcs , 1);

Can anyone help please?

So, let me understand this…

‘customer’ sends email like this…
To: itsupport@domain.com
CC: user1@domain.com, user2@domain.com

The email server at itsupport@domain.com receives the email. RT via fetchmail (or whatever) then gets the incoming email for itsupport@domain.com from the mail server.

RT then sends an email to the queue watchers (typically as a ‘comment’ transaction which includes a link to the RT ticket, and ticket ID in the email subject right?); user1 and user2 are members of the queue watchers.

User1 and/or User2 starts up their email client - download emails.

They receive an email that the customer sent them dirrectly as a CC (which bypasses RT).
They receive an email that RT sent to them as a ‘comment’ transaction.

Can you now see how RT can’t be responsible for, or fix this?

You could write a scrip to prevent RT sending ‘comment’ emails to queue watchers CC’d, however then they will not know the ticket number - which is useless in my opinion because your watchers are no not using RT, but bypassing it.

The problem is at the mail server and mail client level, and I suggest you fix it there. E.g. setup some email rules so the users are not sent emails when CCd and To is itsupport@domain.com.