Due date does not get updated


I read that “Due Date” gets updated to new date if the ticket is pending with Requestor for some information to provide. However, when i test this, the Due date does not gets updated? Should we run any Scrip or rt-crontool to make this work? Pls help.


It sounds like you need to configure SLA. It was cored in 4.4, older versions it has to be installed as an extension:


I don’t see full SLA documentation in the core docs, so the extension docs might still be useful even if you’re on 4.4:


Also, can you point us to what you were reading? After re-reading your post the info I just gave might be inaccurate, due dates are usually for ticket owners, its hard to set something due for a requestor unless they are also a privileged RT user. So I’m curious as to what you were reading.