Double email delivery


RT usually makes a good work at eliminating unneccesary emails, but for me
there is one occasion where I always get double copies.

When I am Admin-Cc and Requestor, and someone else resolves a ticket from
the Web UI, I get two tickets

  • one has <URL: http://rtserver/Ticket/Display.html?id=1234> followed by
    two newlines as first two lines of the email, and is addressed to nobody
    (“undisclosed-recipients”, albeit added by postfix).

  • the other one is addressed to me personally and does not have the extra
    two RT lines at the top.

I think my scrips are pretty vanilla:

On Correspond Open Tickets with template Blank
On Create Autoreply To Requestors with template Autoreply
On Create Notify AdminCcs with template Transaction
On Correspond Notify AdminCcs with template Admin Correspondence
On Correspond Notify Requestors and Ccs with template Correspondence
On Correspond Notify Other Recipients with template Correspondence
On Comment Notify AdminCcs as Comment with template Admin Comment
On Comment Notify Other Recipients as Comment with template Correspondence
On Owner Change Notify Owner with template Transaction

In the ticket view, there are two “outgoing email recorded”:

Tue Oct 05 13:02:06 2004 RT_System - Status changed from new to open

Tue Oct 05 13:02:07 2004 RT_System - Outgoing email recorded [Show]

Tue Oct 05 13:02:07 2004 RT_System - Outgoing email recorded [Show]

Tue Oct 05 13:02:07 2004 mango - Status changed from open to resolved

And they show the two different versions of the email.

Any ideas why this is happening?