Display of Children on Search results in 3.6.3

Hi there

We’ve been using RT in our office for a little while but we’ve recently
started grouping some tickets with others using parent child relationships
to track related issues within one queue.

To help with this I’ve set up a saved search that shows the children, and
excludes tickets with parents set, so far so good.

However the listing of child tickets just shows their ID numbers (as
links), and it shows tickets that are closed as well as open.

Is there any way to

(a) show the child tickets’ names instead of (or as well as) their id
numbers on the search results

(b) to choose whether we see only open tickets on that summary list

To me (a) would seem like it should be a lot easier than (b), but I don’t
really know.

I’d love a solution that just involves changing the output formats on the
advanced search interface, but I’m willing to change some code if that’s
what’s needed (but go gently because my PERL is rusty).