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On the “RT at a Glance” window, I can click on both the ID and the Subject to access the ticket. The ID link works fine (http://alesmith.intellirad.net/rt/Ticket/Display.html?id=15) whereas the Subject link does not work (http://alesmith.intellirad.net/Ticket/Display.html?id=15)


Phillip C. Jackson
Chief Technology Officer
Chesapeake Medical Imaging

Tel. 443-716-0410

Have you upgraded from a previous version?
If so, I think the problem is some kind of inconsistency in the
database, more precisely in the Attributes table, row named

The problem appears only on the “RT at a Glance”? Is the link correct in
any search?

Gilmar Santos Jr

Phillip Jackson escreveu:


I’ve got the same problem on a fresh RT 3.6.0 install.

On the page “RT at a glance”, on the section “10 highest priority tickets I
own”, the links in column “#” are ok, but the links on the column "Subject"
are not ok.

On # : http://suivi.veepee.net/Ticket/Display.html?id=1
On Subject : http://ticket/Display.html?id=1

On the source I have :

For # : 1
For Subject : Test 01

I think the two “//” make my browser doing the mistake on the link (tested
on IE and Firefox)

The problem appears in the box “10 highest priority tickets I own”, and in
the Search when I clik on the link “10 highest priority tickets I own”.

Which file must I edit to correct this?