Disallow any free-form text by web UI submitter?

It would appear that offering free-form text entry into the “Subject” and “Description” fields are hardcoded requirements for a new ticket in the SelfService interface? Is there a way to turn this off so that only our chosen queue’s custom fields (all “Select one” type) are shown? To be clear, we will be using this queue only via the web UI and not configuring rt-mailgate aliases for it.

We make local copies of SelfService/Create.html for “canned” requests. In these we can make the subject line fixed, change the form completely, ask specialised questions, combine HTML form elements into (for example) JSON to put in the case description (as some of our cases may be processed by automation written by other groups), do odd thnigs with custom fields, etc, etc. It also means that the normal self service ticket Create.html is still there for the occasions where you do want free form text entry.

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Thanks, GreenJimII. I suppose you only reference those special CreateWhatever.html pages by direct links then?

Aside, seems that the “Modify custom field values” right (a “Staff” right) is required to display custom fields and their values for selection in the SelfService UI. That only took an hour to figure out…

Sort of - we have a local element in the SelfService landing page for “requests” (which are what these canned CreateWhatever.html forms are for: request an SSL certificate, request a new phone line, request a VM server provisioning, etc). There’s an HTML form with a single visible button for each CreateWhatever.html link that the user can select from.

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