Disabled queues still showing in new ticket toolbar

I disabled a queue, but it is still showing on the home page “New ticket in” applet. When I click it, it says, “Cannot create tickets in a disabled queue”. How can I get that queue removed, or is this a bug? I’m running 4.4.3.

2021-10-15 13_09_02-Window

2021-10-15 13_10_14-RT Error - Internet Explorer

Anybody? I’ve disabled other queues and they did not result in this problem. Maybe because it was listed as the default queue when it was disabled, that caused a problem in the programming somewhere?

I did something that seems to have cleared the problem. I went into Preferences and set the, “Remember default queue” option to “No” (it was on “Default”, which was yes). That removed the queue. I could then freely choose the among the options (Yes/No/Default) for that “Remember default queue” option and the disabled queue was still gone. Resolving.

2021-10-19 09_14_11-Window