Disable user autocomplete for specific user groups

Hey there,

We got an user group which only got access to one specific queue. The users of this group should be able to replay and comment to a ticket assigned to this queue.

Due to security reasons we want to disable the autocomplete functions for this group only completely. So that they are not able to get the emailadress / name from any of the other users by filling in the bcc, cc fields.

I only found a way to disable the funktion globaly by setting $AutocompleteOwners to 0. Is there away to disable the function for one group only?

We are still running on RT 4.0.7, may there are more options on 4.4?

I don’t think there’s a way built into RT to do this. You can probably easily hack a local copy of /opt/rt4/share/html/Elements/SelectOwner to check for this group membership and then only display a simple input widget. However that will only affect Owners (as the option name exists) and you’ll still be able to see email addresses of requestors, Ccs, AdminCcs, etc in other parts of the web interface (such as Ticket/ModifyPeople.html for example).

You might (I’ve not tried this!) be able to make a local copy of lib/RT/User.pm and then in the Format() method check if the current user is a member of your special group and if so just return a fixed user format for anyone that isn’t them.