Disable "New ticket in" from home page (RT 4.2.14 )

How to disable “New ticket in” from home page for UnPrivileged users .

Unchecked Create tickets from “modify global group rights” for UnPrivileged users and still they are able to access New ticket in option from home page. Please suggest how to solve this issue.


You are most likely giving the selfservice user the create ticket right at group or queue level as well

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Thanks. I will try to disable create ticket at queue level as well and will see how it works now.

Modify group rights for queue

By the way, I have another question on how to customize Create.html under the below path.
I tried to add some changes in “Create.html” and my changes are not getting reflected in UI when loading "Ticket/Create.html? page after clicking "New ticket in” from home page. Please suggest how to resolve this one.

You most likely did not clear your mason cache and restart your webserver

Thanks a lot for your help!

As well as clearing the cache, don’t modify the code in /opt/rt4/share/html/Ticket. Make a local directory in /opt/rt4/local/html/Ticket and copy the file you want to modify (Create.html for example) into that directory and modify it there. That way you’ll still have the distribution copy on hand, plus if you upgrade RT in the future you won’t wipe out your local modifications.

Thanks a lot. It worked .

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