Direct MySQL Auth - Integration with Company Website

After a long time using RT for internal IT Support and providing IT to
our applications dept. for supporting their customers via e-mail, the
apps dept would now like us to provide RT to our customers as a
web-interface integrated into our company website.

The trouble with this is that we need to integrate RT’s authentication
into the authentication system already in use on the website for
customer login. The current system is a basic PHP/MySQL/Cookie auth
system, but I’m having trouble working out the best way to try to
integrate RT.

The only option I have found so far that can possibly work is to use
WebExternalAuth and mod_auth_mysql, but this has the unfortunate
consequence of separating RT from the website so the website cannot pass
an authenticated user to RT, they must authenticate a second time. This
also means it is not possible for the website to send RT any other
information, it can pull only username/password success or fail.

My experience with RT thus far is based on LDAP authentication and it
works like a dream, but obviously this is based on JimMeyer’s custom
LDAP authentication module, and no such equivalent exists for MySQL to
my knowledge.

I have attempted to trace through the code to see how RT connects to its
own database in order to attempt to redirect authentication attempts to
a different MySQL server than the RT default, but due to the complex
modular and dependency-based structure of RT, this doesn’t seem possible

Does anyone have any recommendations on how I should go about doing this?

It would seem that the short answer is I have to write a custom
authentication module myself, but my experience with advanced perl
coding and more specifically coding within RT is limited. I’m sure I
could do it, but the sun might burn out first.
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