Differing custom field validation by queue

In our RT, we have a custom field that I’ll call bug_number. For our support queue, this number should be numeric, so I have the validation set to (?#Digits)^([\d.]+|)$, as one would expect. In the support queue, bug_number isn’t mandatory.

The bug_number custom field also applies to our bugs queue. In this case, I still want validation to test for digits, but now bug_number should be mandatory. Is there a way to set different validations depending on which queue the ticket belongs to?


  One thing, you can create another CF with the same name and with

different validation rules to apply on another queue. Otherwise
you can use extension Mandatory on Transision to specify per-queue
rule at which stage the CF has to be assigned.

Hm. I guess I could create a scrip that copies the the bug_number from support to bugs on queue change.