Difference between Cc and AdminCc (or, ...getting mail)


I think this message that I sent somewhat answers your
question. Since CC’s include anyone on the CC: list
of the mail message from the requestor, and since you
generally don’t want these sorts of (external) people to get
comments, the only way to have CCs get comments is to add a
NotifyRequestorsAndCcsAsComment action scrip. But this will
send requestors copies of the comments as well.

Ah, I hope the RT/FM were clearer about this; it talks about
the difference between Cc and AdminCc being one to do with
privileges, which is difficult to understand when I have
internal users who would never use RT directly. If it is
as simple as “Cc’s are ‘external people’ and AdminCc’s are
’internal people’”, then it becomes very clear how these two
fields should be used, and I would never have put internal
people into Cc.

(If internal people should not be put into Cc, it is now also
clear why we would have to grant privileges to all internal
users, as, I think it is written in the RT/FM, unprivileged
users cannot be added to AdminCc.)

Thanks very much.

Best regards,
Ambrose Li a.c.li@ieee.org