Did I delete this user? Is it in the logs? Where are the logs?

I was trying to disable a user in RT 4.4.3 and I unchecked both the “Let this user access RT” and the “Let this user be granted rights (privileged)” boxes in their user account.

Now, it’s as if they never existed. They don’t show up in any searches and when I try to go into the Users menu to enable them, they don’t show up, even when I check the box, “Include disabled users”.

Does unchecking both those boxes in their user profile delete them?

I then thought that I could check the logs to see if it showed their account being deleted, but I can’t find logs for RT. Does RT keep logs? If so, where?

Thank you!

Usually RT logs to the web server logs, Apache error logs are a good place to check. You can also see if you have any config values set for logging:

The only way to delete a user would be to use the shredder tool, so it is likely the user is still in the database!

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I don’t know, but I am pretty sure I deleted it. I am logged in as root and there is nothing at all showing up for that user. :frowning: Bummer, time to do some testing.