Detailed programming API?

I’m trying to write some scrips for RT, specifically one that will take
a requestors email address & see if they are a current user. If not,
create a password & allow the user to get in. Nothing I’m trying is
working at all. My Perl is a little rusty, but I’m having a hell of a
time figuring out what to call from where. The perldoc for the .pm files
in the /lib/RT folder seems to be the only reference.

Is there something a little more detailed out there?


Hi Steve

This isn’t quite what you want, but should get you started, it takes a list of usernames and email addresses from a txt file in the form: - username:email. It does some checking of the addresses against whats in rt and then sets a new name, new email address, a new password, removes privileges and disables the account.

it runs from opt/rt3/local/bin

Shout if you need anything explaining etc.

Garry (3.03 KB)

Hi Steve

Should also add the rt api documentation, I used is here: