DESC SortOrder of Tickets in /Search/Listing.html

The changes to make them sort in DESC order (from what
I can tell) are in 2 places:


In SelectSortOrder:
swap current DESC with ASC, and change order of
Descending Ascending in the following:
my @order_names = qw (Descending Ascending);
This simply makes the default page come up with the
new default values.

In Quicksearch:
Modify this line to contain the


cheers— Stefan Seiz wrote:


this might be a faq, but i have searched the
list-archive for an hour now
and haven’t been able to find any useful info on how
to modify RT to SORT
Tickets in /Search/Listing.html DESCENDING
(newest/highest id on top) by

How can this be done?

Thanks for any pointers.

Stefan Seiz

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