Dependency enhancements


I’ve been playing with RT for a couple of weeks, trying to learn as
much as I can about it before I start clean and configure it to roll
out to my group. I am really impressed with this software.

I’ve thought of a couple of “would be nice” things that I didn’t see
any mention of in the various docs available, so I wanted to mention
them on the list. Mostly, I’m curious to see if any of these fall in
the classes of “oh, that’s in the next release” or “man, you don’t want
that and here’s why” or “here’s a trivial way to do that with the
existing code”.

  • It would be nice to enforce dependencies. I’m not sure if this should
    be configurable – but in my case, I’d like to make sure a parent
    ticket can’t be resolved unless all its children are resolved, or
    something like that. (I think it should be easy enough for me to
    write a nag-script that emulates this after the fact, to e-mail an
    owner that she closed a ticket with open children.)

  • Jesse mentioned he has a partly done "project management interface"
    to RT a few weeks ago on the list. That sounds great! Just giving
    me an overview of my dependency trees would be a huge help.

  • One simple change that would greatly enhance the usefulness of RT
    for project management would be a “create child ticket” button.
    That way, I can just jump off to a child ticket right away instead
    of having to remember the parent number and enter it manually.

Thanks to Jesse and all the others who have contributed to RT!


Bret Andrew Martin Harvard Medical School West Quad Computing Group