Deleting users created from spam

I am new to RT administration and inherited a system which has a number
of users created automatically upon the receipt of spam. It seems
logical that these users would be slowing down the system. How do others
out there deal with such things?


Before I go hacking on rt-mailgate myself…

Is there a straightforward way to configure RT to reject email with
empty subject lines and/or empty message bodies?

Some users, it seems, can be told “don’t do that” and infinite number
of times, and yet continue to send contentless “Subject: my computer
is broken” messages to our helpdesk. :-b

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I’d go for a procmail solution, that is, let procmail handle all the
ugly stuff before rt-mailgate gets at it. You could then incorporate
whatever unixoid mail filter You want before.

On the other hand, You could expand on RT::EmailParser, if You’re into