Debugging: one queue watcher stops getting mail

So user regis, AdminCc on queue foo, owner of a bunch of tickets, happily
interacting with RT via email, suddenly stops getting email from RT3.
Every other AdminCC gets mail when the queue gets updated; regis doesn’t.
Tickets that regis owns get updated; RT3 sends everyone else mail, but not
her. The machine running RT3 can send her mail just fine, so the MTA has
no problems with her. Her personal information hasn’t changed, her email
addy is still correct.

I’m trying to get debug information, any debug information, by setting this

Set($LogToFile , ‘debug’);
Set($LogDir, ‘/opt/rt3/var/log’);
Set($LogToFileNamed , “rt.log”); #log to rt.log

/opt/rt3/var/log/rt.log exists, owned by the user the apache runs as.
It stubbornly remains zero-length, even after I restart RT3.

Clearly I have two problems here, one being my inability to get debug info
into that file, and the other being why a user would suddenly stop getting
any mail from RT3. Anyone got any debugging pointers for either?


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And the answer is…

Don’t let your $RTAddressRegexp start matching your queue watchers, since
they will utterly silently stop getting any and all mail from RT.



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