DBI active kids > kids problem

Hello all -

I am new to RT and really think it is a cool product. I have 3.0.8 installed
on a Sun box for testing and I’m continually getting an error message about
“DBI active kids (2) > kids (1)”. I’m using MySQL 4.0.17, running on Solaris
9 with Perl 5.8.3, DBI 1.40 and DBD-mysql 2.1018 and Apache 1.3.29. It seems
that no matter what I try to do, I cannot seem to fix this. The error occurs
nearly every time I attempt to create a ticket. Does anyone have any suggestions
as to how to fix this? I know one thing I need to try is to upgrade the DBD-mysql
module to 2.9003, which is the latest. I’m not a Perl expert, so I’m not sure
what I’m doing wrong with my setup. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance.

Mark Boyd
Team Leader, Data Management Group
Moser, Inc.

eMail: mark.boyd@moser-inc.com