Datetime customfield’s values not being stored in ticket created with RT::Ticket


Basically I’m successfully creating a ticket where a bunch of other
CustomFields are set properly except these two Datetime customfields. The
CFs apply to all applicable queues and are type “Select datetime”. I’ve
simplified the ->Create() below a little but generally this is working
perfectly except for the CustomerCreated and ServerCreated fields. The
new ticket in the “Investigations" queue does not have values for those
(totally unset).

my ($newinvid, $newinvTransObj, $inverrorMsg) =

‘Queue’ => “Investigations”,
‘Subject’ => $self->TransactionObj->Subject,
‘Status’ => ‘open’,
‘CustomField-83’ => ‘Customer Notification’,
‘MemberOf’ => $IncidentObj->id,
‘Priority’ => $IncidentObj->Priority,
‘CustomField-65’ =>
‘CustomField-75’ =>
‘CustomField-77’ =>
‘CustomField-78’ =>
‘CustomField-79’ =>
‘CustomField-81’ =>
‘CustomField-86’ =>
‘CustomField-87’ =>
‘CustomField-88’ =>
‘CustomField-91’ =>
‘CustomField-92’ =>
‘CustomField-104’ =>
‘CustomField-105’ =>
‘MIMEObj’ => $InvMIMEObj,

Do they have to be converted to RT::Date objects or even as far as AsString
to be used as the value?

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