Date Conversion question

To any and all,

We have been scratching our collective heads over here trying to 

figure out why we get two different results in RT when passing some
dates. We are converting from a legacy file and have the conversion
program using API. Here’s the problem; when we pass RT a date we want to
go into the “Created” date field, we pass it a “yyyy/mm/dd” field and it
gets converted properly, no problems. If we do the same thing for the
"Started" and “Resolved” dates, it leaves the date as “1-Jan-1970” (we
are on Oracle). Of course, we can’t have 8,000 tickets that are resolved
with no Resolved date, and they certainly can’t all be the same date. If
we pass the date to RT with “-” instead of “/”, then it works. So why
does the “Created” date work? Is RT using different date routines to
convert date formats? That would seem odd. I could also speak of having
to add a routine to deal with the “Greenwich Mean Time” situation for
all of our dates, but, oh well. Does anyone have any idea of why RT can
re-format for one of it’s date fields correctly and not the others? Thanks.