Data imported - Not viewable


I am having a weird issue whereas i have backed up a working database and imported it in to a new server.
I can log in as Enoch Root (after resetting the password) but none of my tickets/queues or users are there. If i look at my MariaDB I can see the database and the users in the Users table though I am unable to log in as them on the front end.

Something is amiss - Any pointers would be great!


In you local are you pointing to the right database name/server/user? Sounds like you might have RT pointing at an empty database rather than your imported working one.

One thing to note is that if you’ve moved to RT5, by default it uses a database called (unsurprisingly) rt5, whereas RT4.x versions would use rt4 as their database name. Easy to get caught out by that, especially if you’ve got “muscle memory” from years of tinkering with RT4.x systems. :slight_smile:

Classic error! I had specified SQLite instead of MySQL.

Thanks :slight_smile: