Dashboard group subscription and CurrentUser

Hello everyone!

I have a dashboard with group subscription. Everything is OK except one query with CurrentUser inside. My goal is to send an everyday report to a group of users via dashboard group subscription with information about each group member tickets so I’m using 'CurrentUser" in that query and that trick isn’t working. Any ideas?

In case I’m logging as a separate member and opening this query everything’s OK but it doesn’t worki in content of group subscription and all members are receiving empty reports.


Which version of RT are you on?

Sorry, forgot to mention: RT Version 5.0.1

Sending dashboards in the context of users is a feature that is in 5.0.2:

Oh I see. Thanks!!!

So we should wait for 5.0.2 update rollout?

Looks like it’s available today!

Still see only 5.0.1


Finally RT 5.0.2 stable got released. Upgrading…