Customizing Tickets/Update.html to allow setting acustom field?


My boss wants the Tickets/Update.html page to be customized to allow my RT
users to set one of our custom fields from the Reply/Comment page. By

<& Elements/EditCustomFields, TicketObj => $TicketObj &>

in the form I can display all of the custom fields (although really I only
need one to be displayed) but selecting a value doesn’t actually set it
the ticket is updated.

You must call ProcessTicketCustomFieldUpdate (or so) from in
init-Block from Display.html. The init-Block from Display.html contains one
part for creating new tickets and a second part for updating tickets by
reply/ comment. In this part you have to add the methodcall for updating
This looks similar like following:

@result = ProcessTicketCustomFieldValuesUpdate(Ticket => $Ticketid, %ARGS);

If you want to show only one customfield, try to implement your own
mason-component. Use the code from editcustomfield.

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