Customizing the outbound messages (Queue name instead of Organization Name)

We have one tracking system, but would like to put 3 companies on it (One
master and two subsidiaries) with employees belonging to more than one
company. So you can see it would be nice to have one central place, but…

What I see is that even though I have different queues, the messages that come
from them are [ #44] and the like.

I was wondering if there was some way to change the “” so it
reflects the name of the queue, not just the main organization name.

I looked in the docs, and in the mailing list but didn’t find anything (was I
looking in the wrong place?). Your assistance is appreciated.

Thanks much.


There were thread on topic on this list or rt-devel.
As I remember you can’t change this behavior due this string used for
tracking ticket’s correspondense.

You could change your templates and add queue name before subj. Google
through last month archive for more.

Brett Thorson wrote: