Customizing MessageBox

Im a beginner coding RT-stuff so please be patient.

I want to customize the message template. The first thing I made was to make
use of this example:

That worked exellent. But now I want to include the name of the queue which
the ticket belongs to. And later on I whant to include a queue-customized
signature to every message.

I have looked at the Branded Queues extention ( so I have been able
to add a field to the queue-page.

My main problem now is that I’m not able to figure out how to access the
queue-object in the /html/Elements/MessageBox file.

Please help



Do you need the Queue name in the MessageBox or in the emails sent out,
you can modify the Templates to include queue name, for example you can
modify the admin Correspondence template to include:

Ticket Queue = {$Ticket->QueueObj->Name}

you do that below the line:
This is an admin correspondence:



Ulf Renman wrote: