Customize subject in Reply page

Hi all,
I am using rt 4.4.4 and trying to customize the subject in the reply page by prepending a custom string.
I tried to do that with a scrip but it looks like the On correspond condition is applied only after the update page is printed.
I am trying to understand which callback or override is the best to use.
Any hint is welcome.

You can use the ‘FormStart’ callback in share/html/Ticket/Update.html in there you can change the UpdateSubject arg that is passed in the ARGSRef variable

You can put the callback file in local/html/Callbacks/YourOrg/Ticket/Update.html/FormStart

An example to get you started:

$ARGSRef->{'UpdateSubject'} = 'Hi :)';

nice thanks…
meanwhile I hacked straight into Update.html <%init> with
my $subject = $TicketObj->Subject;

$TicketObj->SetSubject($subject) ;
I’ll try the callback thanks

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