CustomFieldValues editing

I started on the work to get CustomFieldValues editing going, but I am
kind of stuck in some ways.

The attached patch sets up the HTML for editing.

I am kind of stumped how to proceed to make this really update the
database. I can easily write SQL statements, but the way this code is
built up, well, let me put it this way, friendly is not quite an
adequate description. (Sorry Jesse :slight_smile: )

I saw that the CustomFieldValues reuse the CustomField code.
Am I on the right track if I say that I could use the
ProcessCustomFieldUpdates() function in for this? Or do I need
to write a whole new function?

Also, I wanted to make the SIZE arguments to the INPUT tags dynamically
sizeable. With normal direct SQL I can do this easily with SELECT
COUNT(), but this has got me confused. I saw DBIx::SearchBuilder has a
Count method, however, this probably needs an equivalent method such
as Values() before you can use it in the HTML. Or am I wrong here?

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