CustomField transactions not being created

Hi All,

I’m running RT 3.6.3 and am baffled by a transaction issue. I have an
OnCreate scrip that extracts information from the e-mail and populates 2
custom fields with the info. Then it sets a 3rd custom field to a value
that I expect to trigger another scrip.

My problem is that no transactions are being created when I set the values
of the custom fields, so the conditions that should trigger the other
scrips aren’t happening.

Looking at the Transactions table in the database, I see 5 transactions for
this ticket - 4 that create pseudo-groups and 1 that creates the
ticket. There aren’t any that show that I modified the custom fields,
although they have the expected values. The ticket history only shows the
ticket creation, no changes to it. Is this because it’s within an OnCreate
scrip? If I manually set one of the custom fields in an existing ticket
from within RT, the transactions are recorded and my scrips fire as expected.

Does anyone know how I can get transactions to be created within the scrip
for custom fields?


Gene LeDuc, GSEC
Security Analyst
San Diego State University