Custom warning message in Result Tab


I am using RT 4.4.3. I was trying add a mandatory Custom Field for my ticket. However, I came to know that, mandatory check will only work during the creation of the ticket(via application). However, I need to check this mandatory field when the ticket moves to Resolve. Later I found the solution how to check by adding necessary scripts in the customf field value for “OnResolve” event.

Now my question is how should I alreart this to user? Is there a way I can push some warning message in screen so that the users will came to know something has to be completed before closing the ticket.
I try to add following lines in my queue’s script. However it is not working.

$self->loc(“Please enter a valid number in the ‘Time Taken’ customfield before closing the ticket.”);


I wish to have the warning message appear in the (2). I am woring is this possible? Any other suggession will be highly appreciated.


You can check out this extension!

Hi Craig,

Thanks for your suggestion. I will try.

As we are using RT in our intranet and completely isolated from the internet due to organizational security policy, I am wondering whether this is installtion is possible.

I am wondering is there any other way I can throw a warning message from the ‘Scripts’ to Ticket’s page.

There isn’t a way to update the messages seen on the web UI based off of a scrips results, the next best thing could be to look at how the extension works and make a simpler version of it to suit your needs.