Custom Search Argument for Reminders

Hi! Trying to play around with this cronjob.
This currently works in my RT 4.4.3 if I create a reminder. It sends an email reminder when the reminder is due.

0 6 * * * root /opt/rt4/bin/rt-crontool
–search RT::Search::FromSQL
–search-arg ‘Type = “reminder” and (Status = “open” or Status = “new”)’
–condition RT::Condition::BeforeDue
–condition-arg 2d
–action RT::Action::SendEmail
–action-arg Owner
–transaction first
–template ‘Reminder due soon’

My question is, is it possible to modify only this line

–search-arg ‘Type = “reminder” and (Status = “open” or Status = “new”)’ \

And make it search not only in reminders, but within tickets in general, so that the reminder would work for tickets due dates also, not just reminders.

Trying to make it work so that every ticket would have a reminder on it’s due date, which would be sent to the owner of the ticket. Without having to create a reminder.

Thank you.

I would suggest making a new cronjob that searches for overdue tickets I believe the rt-crontool has a similar example in the docs as well.

Is it possible to have the same scrip as I posted but relate it to tickets somehow? So would have ability to have reminders sent sometime before the ticket is actually due. Not when it’s past due already.

Does this thread help: Notify about tickets that are Due in 48 hours