Custom Script and Template HOWTO


We are looking at implementing RT for tracking Security Complaints for our
We seem to have most things up and working well. The one thing that I can
seem to
find is a way to generate output messages from the system.

Here’s what I would like to do. We receive a complaint and we open a
ticket by sending
the message into the Queue mail address. A ticket is opened and we have a
large number
of custom fields that we fill in. Then we often fill out one of many
different form letters and send
that to the department responsible for the machine.

I figured out how to put all the form letters in templates but I’m having a
hard time figuring out how
to trigger these from the scripts.

First of all I can’t find anything in the documentation about User Defined
Contritions or Actions form
the scripts.

Second of all I’m not sure how to trigger the sending of the messages. I
was thinking of setting up a
custom field that could be set to the type of letter I wanted to send
out. Then use the script to look
at this field and do a send message of some type.

Can anyone point me in the right direction. Someone must have wanted to do
this before.


Jason Alexander
Senior Security Analyst
CIO Office, The University of Iowa
300-28 University Services Building / 319-335-6174