Custom scrip

Hi folks,

I’m fairly new to rt (hey, but we’re loving it so far) and are trying to
integrate it with our legacy helpdesk system (rt only handles
a subset of queries). I have hacked the legacy system to add
in some extra headers and we want the following to happen

[pseudo code]
if ($requestor =~ / {
if (X-Helpdesk: =~ /epccmail/ ) {
extract X-Originator: into $requestor
extract X-QueryNo into $CustomField->EPCC id
} elsif ( X-Helpdesk =~ /saf/ ) {
extract X-Queryno into $CustomField->SAF id

The book doesn’t really give me any clues as to useful ways of doing this
(apart from howto code the scrips) and I found the “ExtractCustomFieldValues” on the wiki.

Basically we just want emails from a certain address (existing helpdesk)
that come into the general Q to pre-populate some custom fields and set the
requestor back to the real requestor and move helpdesk into a CC

I’m sure this is trivial, but I’m stumped on the syntax. The book seems to use a lot of $self-> but I got the impression this was becoming depreciated in recent mailing list posts.

oh, we’re using rt 3.4.4 (debian package) with fastcgi on apache 2.2
fyi it works a treat with cosign ( as we only have ~6 users who access the gui - all the others are rquestors.


Andrew Elwell, System Administrator EPCC
Tel 0131 445 7833 (ACF Building)
Tel 0131 650 5023 (Rm 3309, JCMB)