Custom Predefined Tickets for selfservice?

Hi forum! We’re looking at changing our ticketing system, and I’m trying to figure out from the documentation if it is possible to have non-priv. users in the self service page/view, when creating a new ticket, be able to select from predefined ticket “templates”, like different categories that ask them to provide various types of information.
For example, user logs in and can select from “Firewall Request”, “New Account”, “Other” and then if they choose firewall, they’ll see custom fields that they can fill in like Source, Destination, etc., plus room for comments and all that.

Is this possible? Thanks for your time!

does the lack of responses here mean that this question is so obvious - along the lines of did you RTFM!!? :grinning: or is it something that RT cannot do?

Thanks for any input!!

Not something we’ve tried here. Most of our end users email in, or where we do need them to put in constrained details we produce custom forms.

thanks for the info, custom forms sounds like where I need to focus on…

One option is different queues for each type of request which has their corresponding custom fields.