Custom or company fields... storing searchable extra data per user account


I have a question - we have our clients accounts and when a new support
ticket is coming, I wanted rt automatically find out the account name basing
on email support requirest is coming from (can be several different emails
addresses per one account).

I started with creating a custom field for that, but later understood that I
will need to assign value manually for each new coming in support request -
not good. okay, I decided to you use “company” field for that (since it will
be the same for different support request coming from the same email, so I
need to fill it only once per new email), but I can not search support
ticket by company field (we need that to see whole troubles history for per
company/account). So I either need to go inside rt code and add
per-organization search OR having RT lookup additional table and assign
account name (stored in custom field) for each coming in support ticket.

Before starting that just wanted to ask your opinion or is there any better
way to do what I want.

thnx in advance.

p.s. impressed with rt code design - very good job, guys… suprised you
give it out for free. but… thank you for that! :slight_smile:

Best Regards,
Vlad Marchenko
TrackingSoft LLC http://AffiliateTracking.Net