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Good afternoon

First of all thank you very much for making this software the best (open source) ticketing system on the market.

I am using RT 5.0.0 and I have a question in regards to Custom Fields. I have set up all my queues correctly and assigned Custom Fields to them.
Users/Unprivileged should be able to use the Self Service portal and be able to input the Custom Fields, this as well works as expected.

However, now the question, the Self Service portal shows ALL the Custom Fields assigned to the queue. I need to have some fields only for internal use and only some fields visible for Unprivileged on that same queue.

For that CF, I have given the “Support” user group the “View Custom Field” permission and left that field unchecked for unprivileged, but still it shows up.

How to adjust that?


Rights are additive so if you granted see custom field at any other level then the right will be given to that user/group.

To only allow Everyone to see some custom fields you want to remove wherever you grant the SeeCustomField right at the Global group and queue group level and instead grant the right to everyone at the custom field level

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knation, great hint! That has solved the question.

Thanks for the fast and accurate response.