Custom Fields not showing


I have a request tracker 4.2 problem. Only root can see custom fields within a ticket. I have applied the SeeCustomField for everyone via the global field. Even added it as a group yet only root can see the custom fields?

Can someone please give the steps to make this work?

Hello Greg,

usually the following steps are sufficient to assign a CF to a queue and make it visible to a user:
After you`ve created the CF, add it to the actice queue:
Admin | Queues | Select | “Your Queue” | Custom Fields | Tickets -> Select the CF & Submit

Set User Rights:
Admin | Queues | Select | “Your Queue” | User Rights -> ADD USER (must be privileged) & give him the General rights “View custom field values” and “View ticket summaries”

That’s it.

I tried this in 4.0.7( current install) and still do not have a working setup. I will try in 4.2 but im not having much faith.

Hi Greg,

You can trust in the RT. Use the latest stable version 4.2.13. It runs stable and reliable.

For me it sounds as if you have a general problem with your RT installation. Is that correct?
What are your problems? Which operating system do you use? What kind of database?


Turns out the solution for this is not giving users privileged views or any rights issue with the user side. groups must have staff full permissions for any custom field to show.

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Just clicking on this field is enough to appear to the user.