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Dear All,

I’m using RT 3.4.x installed on Fedora Core 3.

I installed RT3 not a long time ago and I would like to customize it so it
can fit for our company’s requirements.
When users nowadays raise a request to our department, they have to fill up
a change request form and at least 3 levels of approval have to be present
on this form before the actual implementation. I tried to imagine how can I
realize using RT and get rid of the papers. My idea is completely based on
the approval-ticket creation process.
The problem is that for different cases there will be different approvers.
Everybody knows his next-level approval. Only the 3rd level approver is one
pre-defined person.
Because of this I added a custom field (single selection field) where all
the possible approvers are listed. When the user creates the ticket (from
the web interface) he should select his 1st level approver.

The queue which holds all requests of this type is named
"Approval-Requests". In this queue I have one template and one scrip.
In the following template how can I assign the value of “Queue” with the
value of the single selection field?

===Create-Ticket: apprreq
Depended-On-By: TOP
Queue: ???
Type: approval
Owner: username-of-owner #note this is so that notifications work properly
Content: Someone has created a ticket which needs approval. Please review
and approve it, so it can be resolved.

The scrip which will fire-up the approval-ticket creation:

Description: Create approval
Condition: On Create
Action: Create Tickets
Template: Create Approval
Stage: TransactionCreate

Now things get complicated because when the first level approver checks the
approval-ticket, he should be able do the following things:

  1. Approve/Deny the ticket – this is there by default
  2. Select the 2nd level approver or the 3rd level approver

Any ideas how can this be done? I was thinking all day and I really don’t
see clearly trough the realization of the problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.