Custom Fields and CLI


Is the ability to read/edit Custom Fields exposed via the REST
interface, to the RT command line interface script?

I note that doing a ticket edit via the CLI does not show any
custom fields, and I’ve tried various things to get it to
show them to me - to no avail.

Is this a missing feature? Or omitted for some reason?

- Justin

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Hi Justin,

Apparently we share a problem.
I’m trying to create/modify RT tickets via the RT CLI but I could not find
any way to get or set Custom Fields.
By browsing through the rt-user mailing list, I found out that you already
posted the same issue two times in the last months (on 1/3/2004 and
10/31/2003). It seems nobody reacted upon your request.
I was wondering if you found any kind of solution/workaround on your own in
the meanwhile. I would be really pleased to share any information on this
subject. We are about to introduce RT within our organisation and this issue
is blocking our progress.

Thank you in advance,


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