Custom fields and Callbacks

Hello all,

I have a question that I hope someone will be kind enough to answer: I
am trying to use Callbacks to modify a CustomField.

The details: I have a custom field called “Bugs”, in which Bugzilla
bugs related to an RT ticket can be entered. Using RT’s
straightforward configuration settings, I have set up the custom field
display to link to the Bugzilla web page for the bug. Now I want to
try something more ambitious. I want to reflect the status of the bug
in the displayed custom field text, by striking out the bug number(s)
if it/they are in Bugzilla state RESOLVED, VERIFIED or CLOSED.

I can do the Perl part to get the status from Bugzilla. What I am
flummoxed by is how to use Callbacks (or something else, if you so
suggest) to modify the text displayed.

I peeked into Ticket/Elements/ShowCustomFields and noticed that it
just seems to load Elements/ShowCustomFields. As far as I can tell,
that latter file has two Callbacks, neither of which is a default
callback. The two callbacks are:


Somehow, I feel neither of these will do the trick for me, but even
before I face that, I find that I am unable to even get these
callbacks to be invoked. I created files at:


with the above names, and wrote some simple code to display something
different. I restarted the web server and reloaded a ticket page
(shift-reload to defeat browser side cache), but it did not display my
changes. I am following the same procedure I used to create a callback
for ShowMessageStanza which link’ifies mentions of other tickets,
which does work. Creating a Default callback for ShowCustomFields
doesn’t work either. I tried using Data::Dumper to dump the arguments
to the callback into a temporary file but that didn’t work either.

What am I doing wrong? And is using Callbacks even the right approach?

Thank you,