Custom field search on RT 3.6.0pre0

I have read a few posts on this and I am not sure those posts apply in
this case.

I am dealing with RT 3.6.0pre0 under Oracle 10g:

When doing searches, I have this in the Current search area:
Queue = '/queuename/'
AND ‘CF.{/customfieldname/}’ = ‘/Customvalue/’

Where customfield expects a single value (a string).

On clicking add and search the query returns no rows, even though there
are rows satisfying the criteria.

Additional info:
(1) The customfield is queue specific
(2) I have already tried adding search criteria using GUI which adds
’CF.{/customfieldname/}’ = ‘/Customvalue/’
(3) I have also tried things (using Advanced) such as:
(a) ‘CF.{/queuename/./customfieldname/}’ = ‘/Customvalue/’
(b) ‘CF.{/queuename/}.{/customfieldname/}’ = ‘/Customvalue/’

I am in trying to get access to V$ views so that I can see what is
getting executed on the oracle side.

am I missing something very simple?