Custom field content not loading

Recently I’ve upgraded to 3.6.3 and custom fields have stopped
working. The error it gives me is:

error: Can’t call method “Content” on an undefined value at /var/
www/rt/htdocs/rt/Elements/ShowCustomFields line 89, line 100.

85: );
86: if ( $m->comp_exists( $comp ) ) {
87: $m->comp( $comp, Object => $value );
88: } else {
89: $m->print( $value->Content );
90: }
91: $m->out(‘’) if $linked;
93: # This section automatically populates a div with the
“IncludeContentForValue” for this custom

code stack: /var/www/rt/htdocs/rt/Elements/ShowCustomFields:89

It seems that there is no “Content” field in $value. I traced the
problem back to Line 1860 of in the
LoadCustomFieldByIdentifier sub:

 elsif ($field =~ /^\d+$/) {
     $cf = RT::CustomField->new($self->CurrentUser);
 } else {

And the $cf->Load($field) isn’t working to what I expect. $field is
defined and correct, but there is no ‘Content’ field, or even
anything with what the custom field should contain. I’m at a loss
from this point. I’m not sure which Load is being called, so I’m
unable to trace it back any further.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
James McTavish
Director of Research and Development
Matrix Orbital