Custom field calendar in french format

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I’ve included a custom date field in my queues.
“Choose a date”, a nice calendar appears but in english format. cf screenshsot


Is there a way to put it in French format?
RT 4.4.1

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You’ll need to download the regional file for jQuery-ui you require and then tell RT to use it. For example, if we assume your RT install is in /opt/rt4 then you’d do:

mkdir -p /opt/rt4/local/static/js
cd /opt/rt4/local/static/js

This gets you the jQuery-ui french template. Now in your add the line:

Set( @JSFiles, qw /datepicker-fr.js/ );

Flush your Mason cache, restart the web server and you should then have date pickers in French by default.

Hello, GreenJimll,

Thank you very much for your answer :wink:

My RT (4.4.1) has been in production for more than two years, I need to plan a service interruption.

I will keep you informed.

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