Custom Display.html and Select Status woes

I’m making Display show a EditBasics and EditPeople box, which involved
stealing much from ModifyAll.html and adding back in Display.html parts to
properly work with Create.html. Most of our initial responses require
changing Subject, Status, Queue, or Owner/Requestor/etc, so it makes sense
to include 2 boxes on the plain Display page to speed up responding.

A few bugs:

  1. I’m getting a Duplicate submission message even though it submits fine.
    Any suggestions to fix this?

  2. The EditBasic conflicts with the OpenTicket addon for ‘new’ tickets,
    when Editbasic’s status default to new, and then it processes the page:
    the status goes Open because of the transaction, then goes back to New
    because of processing the ‘new’ selection. Patching EditBasics to not
    allow a default ‘new’ selection status but change that to ‘open’ would fix
    the problem.

But I can’t figure out what to replace this in EditBasic to do that.

my $SelectStatus = $m->scomp("/Elements/SelectStatus", Name =>
‘Status’, Default=>$TicketObj->Status);


My new Display.html is enclosed (not diffed, since it’s a mix of Display
and ModifyAll)

Display.html (6.94 KB)