CSS errors

First of all, great program! :slight_smile: Just a few notes:

I was looking at the NoAuth/webrt.css file, and I noticed that there were a
few invalid declarations. I ran it through the W3C’s CSS Validator program
here :


There are a few typos like ‘font size’ instead of ‘font-size’, but there are
some other errors like ‘font-size: -2’. -2 won’t work for CSS. It will have
to be 10pt, 15px, 80%, or something like that. There was also a stray '};'
or two where it should just be ‘}’.

As for the ‘border: none’ problem mentioned in the file, perhaps you might
want to try ‘border-width: 0’ or ‘border-style: none’, depending on what you
are looking for.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


I found a few discussions of this from last summer, but am curious if
other people still find it an issue.

I’m running RT2 on RH 7.1 with Perl 5.6.0. I do have 5.6.1 installed in
another directory (CPAN forced it on me), but RT didn’t work until I
linked it to the 5.6.0 directories.

Anyway, periodically the style sheet doesn’t load properly in a page,
and I get errors accessing the CSS file in my access log. Previous
discussions suggested either coding the style directly into the webpage
templates or compiling Perl 5.6.1 from source. Considering that I
barely got RT working due to being relatively stupid about Perl as it
is, I’d rather not do the latter. Has anyone run into any longterm
problems (i.e. upgrades, etc) by coding the style directly in the HTML?

Shannon Pedersen