Creating a ticket with multiple requestors/ccs via email

I’m using RT 3.2.3 under NetBSD.

How does one create a ticket with more than one requestor solely via
email? If I send a message to the RT address and add other addresses to
the Cc: or To: fields then I run the risk that the replies will come
back to me directly and not be stored in the history of the ticket …
not all mail clients honour Reply-To: unfortunately, so setting this is
not guaranteed to work.

Is there an email header field such as RT-To: or RT-Cc: which would
be ignored by the mail system but could get parsed by RT to add the
addresses as appropriate to the ticket before the message is sent to
involved parties? I am using mutt, so adding these custom header fields
is not an issue …

That way I could create a ticket with all interested people from within
my mail client without having to run the risk of losing information or
having to use the web interface to manually add requestors after I’ve
created the ticket …

Malcolm Herbert
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