Creating a custom field with multiple values to fill in


I have some users that would like to have several custom fields created.
My problem is that they would like to be able to fill in a lot of info
on the ticket about the person who is calling in, including contact
name, company name, department, etc. I tried creating many individual
CF’s with the “enter one value” type, it works but there ends up being
so many fields that the ticket screen gets pretty cluttered. Im
wondering if there is there any way that I can create a CF in which I
can list those attributes needed (company name, etc.) for them to fill
out, and it would all be in one field or box? This way the user can
just fill in each necessary line in the CF and it will all be in one
nice neat area instead of so many individual CF’c. Thanks again
inadvance for the help, this mailing list has been amazing.

Sean McCreadie

IT Support

Canyon Partners, LLC

310 858 4288