Create Transactions without comment text


For me the squelch thingy is not working at all, I need to be able to say at resolve-time that NO email will be sent to everyone (including requestor). the squelch seems only be concerned about cc and admincc’s and whatnot, but I never managed to get the requesters email address to be displayed and selectable as well, so I try to do this:

I created a customfield MuteResolve (like here:
Modified the onresolve scrip as well like indicated.

Now, The only remaining problem is that setting this value will only be stored when I enter a text in the comment field as well. Without a text in the commentfield the transaction-custom-fields will not get stored.

I do not understand why, what has the customfield to do with a comment I enter or not? What If I only want to modify some transaction custom fields without having a comment at all?

All I want is the possibility for my users to be able to not send mails to the requestors on resolve … without much fuss …

any help is greatly appreciated,


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