Create a new ticket with a forward?

For some reason I thought this would be easy, but it appears not.

Let’s say I get a ticket opened. I need to create a child subticket
and send that to a customer/vendor who needs to address part of the
issue. I need to add some text to that. Is there any easy way to do
this, or am I looking at hacking the source tree to do this?

The issues as I see it are:

  1. Forward just forwards the original mail. It either includes the
    existing ticket number or not, based on a option. There’s no way I
    can find for it to assign a new ticket number.

  2. It doesn’t allow me to add comments above the forwarded mail.

  3. The brute force “copy all”, create child ticket, "paste all"
    doesn’t work because linefeeds are removed from the pasted text. This
    has to do with the lines not having both CR and Linefeed when sent to
    Firefox and style problems the developers say, but either way it makes
    copy/paste useless.

Jo Rhett
Net Consonance : consonant endings by net philanthropy, open source
and other randomness

I think you want the find the extension version of Dirk Pape’s “fork
ticket” patch
that was discussed on the list recently. It’s still won’t be a single
click, but more
automated nevertheless.

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