Correspond email address for some queues not working

hello guys

I have RT 4.4.1 installed on an ubuntu server. recently I’ve created a new queue named “RT-Ticketing”. at the ‘basics’ part, i have entered "" as correspond address but I didn’t define that mail address in mail server. I also have a scrip which sends an email as ticket creation, specifying the correspond address.

The problem is when I want to reply to one ticket with email, there is an error which states that : “Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual mailbox table”.

I Thought the reason is because I didn’t define that mail address in mail server; so I created an email in mail server.

I tried another time to reply to a ticket via email with "". this time I didn’t get any errors but the reply message didn’t show up in ticketing web interface.

Does anyone have any idea what is wrong?

Edit: Please guide me to find the mail configuration file!

thanks in advance

Could you describe the “so I created an email in mail server” process? You have to tell your mail server to send mail to RT with a rt-mailgate entry, from what you describe here it sounds like you simply created a rt-ticketing@ email account. The email is probably sitting in this account’s inbox.

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